Revolvers are “outdated”

Think revolvers are “outdated” and gone for good? Or will they make a big comeback?
It’s often said by most people, cop and civilian alike, that revolvers are “outdated” and are “a thing of the past”. Most of these people don’t realize that the Double Action Revolver Pistol and the Semi Automatic Pistol are not too far apart in terms of age. Furthermore, many of these same people will respond by saying “well we have high capacity guns now” not realizing also that high capacity guns have been around since 1935 with the Browning Hi Power (and it didn’t even have any kind of market in the US until the 1950s and didn’t gain any kind of real following until the 1980s). They’ll then say “well criminals are better armed now” forgetting that criminals have been armed to the teeth in the past with gangsters like John Dillinger, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and mobsters with Al Capone and other mafia thugs armed with BARs, Tommy Guns and 1911 pistols. Much more than I can say for the average crackhead of today.

All things considered, nothing has REALLY changed in terms of weapons technological effectiveness. Bullet designs have improved….but, even among the improvements, the “old school” FBI Load, the 158 gr Lead Hollow Point in .38 Special produced by Remington and Winchester ammo companies is still is considered by many to reign supreme compared to “modern” .38 hollowpoint bullets. Buffalo Bore has seemingly succeeded in turning the .38 Special into a low level .357 Magnum. Buffalo Bore .38 Spl+P But these improvements only add to the value of the “old school” guns and ammo.

The only thing, as I see it, that has really changed is the culture. This mindset of “more means better” and that the style needs to look “new” and we take our model off of what we see and experience in movies and television. If an idea is over 20 years old, it’s “outdated”. Doesn’t matter if it’s right, just that it’s “old”.

Well, the debate can go on, but I think one day the world will swing back the other way and realize that speed kills, old people are wiser, history has more to teach than we think and revolvers mean Six for Sure and the polymer semi-automatic fad will die out or at least retract into moderation.

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    1. If modern S&W could lose their fear of lawsuits (or whatever has prompted them to tighten up their, now, horrible actions) I think a lot of people would be more impressed with their guns. They’ve lost what made their company great. Exceptional double action revolvers

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